Thai Yoga Massage And Your Relationships- A Personal Story

Picture this…

You’re sitting on the couch with your partner. She or he is on one side and you are at the other. You’re watching a show both of you like as a way to help spend some time together and unwind from the day.

At the same time, you’re peaking at your phone and so is she.

It’s the end of a day that mostly involved work and taking care of the kids. And you’re still thinking about work, because you’re nervous about money. It is hard, if not impossible to shut it out of your mind.

That’s the situation I found myself in the other night with my partner.

To me, this way of being separate but together feels like a slippery slope.

We love each other deeply, but when we string too many of these nights together, relying on screens in this way then something gets lost.

Each other.

Intimacy, a deep exchange of love in some form that is a healing balm.

Not only a chance to renew and deepen our connection, but also the energy that comes from it that offers us fresh eyes and makes space for new opportunities as we return to the challenges of our everyday.

Personally, I have already been there more than once in my life with someone I thought I’d be spending my life with, only to see it slowly come apart.

So maybe I’m more sensitive to the situation and wanting to learn from my mistakes.

What I do know, is that in that moment, I could feel it. A choice for the quality and kind of seed I could plant in that moment.

Because I also know that in my hands and heart is a skill that can help me to change course.

So I ask my partner to please come sit in front of me.

She knows what’s up and agrees.

I put a blanket at the foot of the couch and we start. She says, if all you do is wrap your arms around me, that would be plenty.

And for a few minutes that is how we are, with that favorite show playing in front of us.

Eventually, I can’t help myself. Forearm meets shoulder and I start to explore her tension. I’m doing my very best to gradually ease in and create a deep, nurturing feeling of melting. An inch here, an inch there, taking my sweet time in an effortless way.

She is loving it every step of the way.

I feel the joy in my own body as I shift from massaging with my forearm, to the side of my elbow to using gentle pressure with my fingers as I engage with her neck, her shoulders, her upper chest, the side of her arms.

Her neck and shoulders and body feel renewed and so does she.

It’s 20 minutes of easing in, of massaging from a place of love and kindness and the joy of helping.

Fresh energy is surging in my body and when the session ends, she comes onto the couch and puts her head on my lap, and I wrap my arm over her body.

It’s a most precious gift, yet there is nothing special about it at all.

By that I mean, it is something you can learn- quickly. I know this because I am no one special and I say that in the best way possible. I am a caring, loving person and so are you. A massage that taps into that universal gift and is turned into a system of giving and sharing and changing our night and our lives is the choice I made.

I started with nothing. No fancy education. I just found the right system, could see the potential for immense good and made a choice to practice it.

You can too.

From my very biased vantage point these kinds of skills are so vital for so many people. For intimacy, for support, for health, for relationships, for mental health. For sharing with your partner, your kids, your friends.

Having this kind of power in your body is immeasurable. It’s often why I say and feel that giving massage in this way is my superpower.

When I get to teach couples, or people who want to learn for their well-being, and to help their loved ones and families, nothing makes me happier.

Because so many of us are starved for these skills of support. To change a night, to give more meaning to our lives, to transform and have hope that we already know what to do when times are tough.

It’s with you in mind that I built a program I call Transformational Thai Massage where you learn all the skills to give out of this world massage and live a more inspired life.

If you want to learn more about how Thai Yoga Massage can help you in your life, then lets talk!

Book here for some 1-on-1 time to get all your questions answered and see what this life-changing program is all about

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