My Thanksgiving Miracle- This is Thai Massage… Helping to Heal Yourself

Today I’m sharing a story of my own recent healing to share some of the hidden benefits that are a direct result of giving Thai Massage and making it a central part of my life.

What’s motivating me to write this is because of what actually happened to me on Thanksgiving. I injured my calf playing this game that I love called Ultimate Football.

It was such that I could barely walk or put any weight on it, with plenty of concern from my friends that this could affect me for weeks, if not months.

Three days later, I was at a friend’s son’s birthday party and it came up that they would like to learn to play Ultimate Football.

I was healed up enough that I decided to play and one of the motivating factors was that it would be the first time I would get to do that with my daughter.

I felt great, it was a magical moment and I’m so grateful that I was able to experience it.

How did I heal so quickly?

In my opinion, giving Thai Massage for all these years, and the increased baseline of health and muscle pliability it has given me played a HUGE role in it.

So did the countless opportunities this mindful practice gives to foster my intuition. It has taught me how to listen deeply to my body. That has been massive when it comes to finding the right balance between rest and gently testing and using my body throughout this process.

So I am eternally grateful to this massage for my Thanksgiving miracle.

This is a massage that creates life changing benefits. It is incredible to share and give to clients and loved ones. It is 10 times greater for how you benefit from the giving experience.

I think this kind of education and understanding is missing from people who make all kinds of informed choices towards living healthier on a daily basis.

Mutually beneficial massage that gets you in touch with every inch of your body can be such a key component in your arsenal of self-healing tools.

It can help to keep you healthy, bounce back quickly from injuries, foster your intuition and knowledge of your body from the inside out. This way, you can trust yourself even more on your healing journey and in building a quality life.

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