Pamyla Love
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"So happy to report that last week I did 5 trial Thai Massage sessions at a company I was applying to work at. Since then, they posted the schedule for September and it filled up in half a day. Thai massage is rocking their world. People just cannot believe how calm and relaxed they are after a session and how they continue to notice improvements for several days afterward. Keep up the amazing work that you do!"
Suzanne McLarnon
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“Shai is a wonderful teacher with a soft voice and a patient calming influence. His love and knowledge are quite evident in his teachings. Learning this loving metta massage was calming, repetitive and a meditative experience. I did not expect to feel this good from taking this class and giving a massage.”
Leanne Kelly, Hamilton Ontario
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This stuff is magical! During the pressure point portion of the workshop today while I was being practiced on, I sobbed like a baby and felt SO GOOD afterward! Massage, especially Thai Massage can help to release a lot more than just muscle tension. It can help rejuvenate energy, ease stress, help connect with your body and so many more wonderful benefits! I am so excited to be able to share this with people. Thank you so much @shaiplonski!
Janine Southard
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I loved the session I took from you at Wanderlust. Thank you for making all the videos available! I’ve been using what I learned on my spouse almost every day so far! (Including at an airport; other people at the gate were jealous.) Thank you again for sharing your techniques, both in person and with these videos!
Kateryna Severin
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Shai is a fantastic teacher! Beautifully designed course consisting mostly of hands on work. That alone created the confidence to be able to use these techniques on anyone. But the best part is the way he presents this work, stressing the positive impacts of this practice on both, giver and receiver.

I have been doing private yoga sessions with people for years, but I’m currently reframing my work, so the session is helpful and comfortable to me as well as my clients and using these Thai techniques. It has left both me and my clients amazed with the results. A client I have been working with for 5 years reported that she feels a significant shift in her physical limitations and insisted we add at least two full Thai Massage sessions a month.

As for me, I now gave about 7 Thai sessions a month and it amazes me how easy it is to give. At some points I catch myself wondering "Should I really charge money for something that feels so good to do?" 🙂
Kim Pitcher
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My energy has been so lovely since our class… oddly enough, I cannot stop doing chores, cleaning etc!! Very funny. I seem to have revitalized. My body is now feeling better…Good shit this Thai Massage!!
Corky Kohler
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“Dear Shai, I truly enjoyed your class and feel you are very gifted teacher.”
Kate Young
Kate Young Yoga and Wellness
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"Shai sheds the light of knowledge everywhere he goes and has had a profound impact on me.I have taken several Thai Massage courses at Shai's school--Still Light Centre--over the past seven years and I have witnessed, first-hand, the ease with which he guides his students into a space of deep understanding. His best-selling book The Joy of Giving Massage (which I read twice and continue to reference) is a wealth of knowledge that will uplift and enrich your life. He is so gifted at sharing his passion and life work with such emotional intelligence and joy."
Andrea Guimond, B.A.
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“My first Thai Bodywork course shifted my energy and life in a whole new direction. I feel more connected to my truth and grounded in this world since this journey began.
Art Giacalone
Walnut Creek CA
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"Shai, Monday’s session has brought more improvements. I can actually feel a momentum toward restoring balance in my hips and pelvis. Structures are relaxing and finding their way back to their organic place and function in my body. Thank you for checking in. I am delighted with the progress we are making and I’m very excited to be on this healing journey with you."
Nina Mitchell
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I have worked in an office environment for the past 30 years. I am planning my retirement and I wanted to find something to keep me motivated in my retirement years. I'm so glad that I took the training and I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed learning and now giving Thai Massage. I can't think of a better teacher who could have made this experience any more special than Shai did.

Shai is truly a standout teacher because of his sheer dedication and love of Thai Massage.

What I love about giving the massage is seeing and feeling the gratitude from my clients as they are receiving the 'Loving Touch' from me.

This is something I will continue to do as long as I am able.

Thank you again Shai for everything you have taught me.