Advanced Training

Advanced Training

These immersion and advanced Thai Yoga Massage courses give you the opportunity to deepen your studies with a broad range of options. What’s more you have the flexibility to take them in any order and pick the topics that interest you most.

Massage therapists, experienced Thai Massage practitioners and professionals in related fields may qualify to jump right into these courses with no prior Still Light Centre training. In some cases, no prerequisites are necessary to take the course Contact us for more information

Flow Courses

Flow courses teach you a complete massage flow that you can use as a stand-alone approach or incorporate into a wider massage

Therapeutic Courses

Therapeutic courses are a deep-dive into particular areas of the body. You’ll expand your repertoire and look into more intricate ways of addressing common issues such as shoulder & neck, back, hips, hamstrings, anxiety and stress.

Western & Eastern Anatomy

Western & Eastern Anatomy Courses enhance the foundations of your practice with more insight on how to intelligently touch the body. It will help in addressing injuries and brings the best of Western and Eastern knowledge into your practice.

“I have been doing private yoga sessions with people for years, but I’m currently reframing my work, so the session is helpful and comfortable to me as well as my clients and using these Thai techniques. It has left both me and my clients amazed with the results. A client I have been working with for 5 years reported that she feels a significant shift in her physical limitations and insisted we add at least two full Thai Massage sessions a month. As for me, I now give about 7 Thai sessions a month and it amazes me how easy it is to give. At some points I catch myself wondering "Should I really charge money for something that feels so good to do?" :)”
~ Kateryna Severin