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Comprehensive Thai Yoga Massage Certification Program

What is Transformational Thai Massage?

This starts as a 12-week deep dive into learning Thai Yoga Massage online, getting certified, attracting your ideal high-paying clients and living the wisdom at the heart of this massage. This continues with a lifetime of mentoring and support to help you succeed in building these skills into your career and your life. 

It’s like nothing else offered in the industry and is based on two decades of experience to help you remove all obstacles on the road to achieving your goals-and then some!

Thai Massage helps me to connect with clients on a deeper level. It helps me to treat doctors & other health professionals I see regularly for their shoulder, neck, back and hip issues. The techniques save my body and I feel energized instead of depleted. The sessions go beyond people’s expectations of what a massage can be.

Jade Bagwell

Registered Massage Therapist

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I love that you are here and interested in bringing Thai Massage (aka Thai Yoga Massage) into your life. Thai Massage is a form of bodywork that helps to yield incredible results with your clients -or loved ones. But what makes it revolutionary is the deep and transformative ways it helps you too.

Those benefits can be felt physically in all the ways you train yourself to use your whole body to help give the massage. But it is also a massage built on mindfulness, loving kindness and applying those principles on you as you help others.

That’s why it is such a great accompaniment for you to live an inspired life, one that supports your health and well-being both in the present moment and for the long-term. That’s true whether you’re a yogi, massage therapist, or someone who simply wants the best for themselves, their loved ones and their communities.

I am very passionate about your success because I have been able to live with this massage as a focal point of my life for over 20 years, both teaching and giving it to thousands of clients. I’ve seen first-hand the countless ways it’s helped my students, their clients and mine as well.

Having clients love the results so much they tell you things like, “if money was no object, I would book a session with you everyday” is priceless.

Having the wisdom and the experience of the massage at your side when you go through life’s most challenging moments or when you are recovering from your own injuries is a whole other side of unintended benefits that makes our system of Transformational Thai Massage a game changer.

After 25 years of teaching yoga, Thai Massage helped bring me a steady income. This massage helps me to live a peaceful and happy life and show up for my clients in a state of compassion as I help to address everything from pregnant women to people with brain injuries and so much more

Anastasia Love

Yoga Teacher & Thai Massage Practitioner

How Does Transformational Thai Massage Training Work?

Transformational Thai Massage is our signature program which includes an intensive online curriculum, weekly live consulting and Q & A calls with Shai and an exclusive mastermind of supportive practitioners working side-by-side to help you become an expert in the form, attract your ideal high-paying clients and make a huge impact in your life.

The goal of this program is to provide you with all of the steps and the outstanding support you need to get incredible results with the massage – on the mat or on the table – and create a highly profitable and rewarding practice, whether professionally or in your personal life

Thai Massage helped me take my healing practices to a whole other level and since then it just keeps opening more and more doors. I’ve worked with many clients who’ve had cancer, surgeries or who are just exhausted and this has helped achieve tremendous results.

Pamyla Love

Health Coach & Licensed Holistic Practitioner

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This program is for anyone who wants a university quality education in Thai Massage and wants to succeed at applying it in their life. If you are a massage therapist, a yogi, or looking to make a huge impact with your loved ones – this is for you.

You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate and lifetime access to our online curriculum, live calls and private community. One catch though! To ensure you get personal attention and support at the highest level, we cap how many new students we enroll per month. We get inquiries every day, so if you know you want to start, book a call now!

The program takes you through the entire process of learning and getting certified in Thai Yoga Massage, on a table or mat. It then takes you though the process of building your profitable business as well as applying the health benefits of the massage to your everyday life

It includes a lifetime of live coaching calls and mentoring to help ensure you learn at the highest level, and then get the support you need as you apply it successfully to your business and life.

Shai is one of the foremost Thai Massage experts in the world. He’s been teaching and massaging since 2002 to nearly 10,000 students and clients all over the world. He’s also the three-time best-selling Amazon author of Table Thai Massage, The Joy of Giving Massage and Compassionate Touch.

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Doing your program helped build the confidence for me to start my own private practice. It’s the perfect addition to my 20-year career as a yoga teacher and how it helps me to establish and treat my long-term clients, many of whom are elderly.

Sierra Wagner

Yoga Teacher & Thai Massage Practitioner

Curriculum Overview

Module 1

Learning Thai Yoga Massage (in any or all of three formats of your choosing)

On the mat: Foundations in Thai Massage teaches you 2.5 hours of massage techniques and how to customize them to make an out of this world holistic experience for your clients that is also at least 10 times as good to give as it is to receive. 

It is divided into 8 modules where the first six parts take you step-by step in our proven layered approach to learning. It will help you learn all the massage techniques at a high level in a way that is engaging and easy to retain. The last two parts dive into how to customize the massage for a variety of issues and show you how to make a next level holistic experience that yields incredible results.

On the table: In this course you learn to give a 75-minute massage, divided into three parts. From there you can then jump into the customization lessons that are taught in Foundations in Thai Massage. 

In Relationship: Couples Thai Massage teaches you how to give a 60-minute massage that you can do with your loved ones and family on a mat, table or bed. It is divided into four parts so you can easily offer both shorter sessions when life is busy or longer sessions for romantic date nights or when you want a deeper therapeutic approach.

Getting certified: When you complete either Foundations on the mat or Table Thai Massage you can then get certified in Thai Massage with me and my school and massage therapists receive CEUs accredited with NCBTMB in the US. This involves completing 30 documented massages, the quizzes that are part of each week, submitting a video of yourself giving a 90-minute massage and having a 1-on-1 video call with Shai or another teacher at our school. 

Module 2

30-Day Profit Plan

The 30-Day Profit Plan gives you all the tools and training to build a thriving roster of your ideal clients at preferred rates. Personally, I struggled for a long time with this part of the equation, not getting paid what I know my massage is worth and working with clients who seem to deplete me and don’t totally appreciate what I have to offer.

What I’ve come to learn, is that we can get paid really well to do work that we love and work with the kind of clients that inspire us to show up and give our best every day. It’s up to us to set ourselves up for success with the right approach and strategies.

This part of the program is designed to help you do just that. It is divided into two parts. The first section is the research component that helps you to identify who your ideal clients are, to learn what their biggest needs are and the language they use so that you can best support the needs and transformation that they are craving.

In part two you take the research you’ve done and you implement it into the 30-day profit system that is laid out for you from A-to-Z. It includes a 50-page manual, scripts, templates, schedule and videos that coach you through so that by the end of your 30 days you have a roster of clients you are excited to work with. You can then repeat the process as often as you want to keep growing your business to whatever level you like.

Module 3

Inspired Living & Thai Massage

This part of the program is dedicated towards helping you live an inspired life every day, helping you towards greater short and long-term health on every level.

This program is all about bringing what is at the core of Thai Massage -mindfulness, Love, kindness, using your whole body to make the experience a pleasure- and bringing those benefits into every part of your life. It is there to help support you being the best version of you in your relationships, with your family, with your career, and perhaps most importantly with yourself.

The videos and training that are here help you to make informed choices for your physical and mental health and well-being that you make every day.

This massage & training has been the missing part of my personal & professional life. I see how the massage helps treat a wide variety of issues. At the same time I use the core principles in my 9-to-5 job, in traffic, in my personal life.

Melissa Enyedy

Reiki Practitioner, Getting Certified in Thai Massage

The Plan

The personal supports the professional and as a result these components can be worked on concurrently or in whatever order makes sense to you. At the onset you’ll be presented with a 12-week plan that takes you from total newbie to certified and bringing in your ideal clients.

This plan is flexible and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. You have lifetime access to all the material as well as a lifetime of coaching and mentoring in our live group meetings to help remove all obstacles and support you both as you are first learning and then implementing all parts of the program.

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I greatly appreciate how much information you share and how well you break it all down into easy to learn chunks. Your marketing & pricing training really helped me to see my self-worth and to see that building my dream business is within my reach.

Kathryn Kuppan

Thai Massage Practitioner & Health Coach

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I just got certified in Table Thai Massage, and I’m already having great results with clients, including two who had a stroke and another with frozen shoulder. As a result, they are spreading the word! 

Emilee Boone

Registered Massage Therapist

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This program helped me to feel more confident as a person and a yoga teacher and gave me this incredible skill to help people. Plus, having this life-long connection with a mentor like Shai is priceless!

Kate Corrigan

Yoga Teacher

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I can’t think of a better gift as a mother to be able to give my daughter this massage training, and YOU, an absolutely awesome teacher and mentor.  We love learning this together and we make a night of it every time. 

Joan & Julia

Mother & Daughter Getting so Much From Learning Together

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This program and your support helped give me the kickstart and the confidence to start massaging again after several years away from it. The pandemic forced me out of my job and I really needed this. The income is steady and I love that I’m offering something so beneficial to people 

Cory Strain

Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

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Giving the massage helped me to let go of my problems and live in the present moment and feel the gentleness of truth, connecting with another person and with myself on a profound level. Now I am working to share it with more parents and families.


Giving Thai Massage was so Healing While Raising a Daughter With a Terminal Illness