Table Thai Massage

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Dates: January 17-18, 2015 Time: Saturday & Sunday 10:00am-7:00pm Teacher: Shai Plonski Location: Still Light Centre Prerequisites: Thai 101 or equivalent training in Thai massage or other modality. Part 1: Table Thai massage can considerably expand your clientele, while giving you the tools to take even better care of your body and promote a sustainable massage career. This course brings the incredible benefits of Thai massage—including yoga-like stretching, profound relaxation, and energy work—to the comforts of a massage table. Performed on a traditional massage table with the recipient fully clothed, this practice attracts a broad cross-section of people, including athletes, the elderly, overweight clients, and those who simply prefer to be massaged on a table. Massage therapists accustomed to traditional table techniques will reduce injuries to hands and wrists by learning to use their elbows, forearms, feet and other parts of their body. Those accustomed to practicing Thai massage on a mat will augment their practice with a new and accessible form. After completing this class students will be able to:

  • Give a 60-minute flowing Thai massage on a standard size massage table;
  • Apply Thai foot reflexology techniques without using the thumbs;
  • Use principles of proper body alignment to massage on and around the table in a way that is deeply efficient and effective.


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