Yoga Teachers Yoga and Thai Massage [Amazing Interview!!]

Lisa Garside

GET TO KNOW LISA GARSIDE AS SHE SHARES HER STORY AS A YOGA TEACHER AND DOULA IN TRAINING WHO IS JUST STARTING OUT LEARNING, PRACTICING AND FALLING IN LOVE WITH THAI YOGA MASSAGE. This interview is an insightful look at how yoga teachers and yoga students can use Thai Massage to expand their love of yoga, build their clientele and share its benefits in all kinds of beneficial ways. Lisa shares stories of what it was like to learn Foundations in Thai Massage and her first month giving the massage on clients at her yoga studio. She shares how she’s already using Thai Yoga Massage in her classes, how she started practicing right away and the impact the massage is having on her and some of her first clients. The interview includes stories of giving a massage to someone who has initially very scared to receive it, as well as someone else who has cancer. Lisa is also training to be a doula and shares a few thoughts of how she plans to use it with her clients as they get ready to give birth. As Lisa says: “You can’t find the compassion and empathy that you give during your training. It didn’t even feel like a training. It felt like we are all just being cared for in a weekend… Yet you gave us material that we can use right away and that for me is the sign of a good training. And I can use what you taught in a yoga class, in a private lesson, with my children, while I doula. I can use any of this immediately and I really really resonated with the metta and meditation aspects that you teach.” Lisa is the owner of Ohana Yoga Studio in Contoocook, New Hampshire    

  RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Lisa mentions her new mat…It’s called the Metta Massage Mat. Check it out here: Links to articles and interviews I’ve done on the business of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage: Podcasts:…… Articles:…… Shai’s book Compassionate Touch which dives deep into the benefits of giving massage can be purchased here: Study with Shai in person:… SAY HI ON SOCIAL: Facebook: Instagram:


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