Thai Massage Is A Gift For Life

Couples Thai Massage is designed for anyone and their partner to give a mutually incredible life-giving massage. It consists of 28 videos and the e-book that takes you by the hand, giving step-by-step layering instructions to build nourishing, nurturing massages, life changing connections and a vehicle to transmit and receive health, love and joy.

You’ll learn an entire 1-hour massage, that is divided up into 4 parts for the back, neck, shoulders, feet and legs. The structure of the teaching means you can easily give shorter massages if that’s your wish, or put it all together for one long massage that will leave both you and your partner in states of bliss, gratitude and ecstasy.

Watch Shai’s Introduction To Couples Thai Massage Below:

Watch An Entire Free Video Of Couples Thai Massage Below:

Couples Thai Massage builds your foundation on the secrets to giving an incredible massage that is as good for you as it is for your partner. There are 4 pillars to giving that out-of-this world massage and they are easy to learn and integrate.

Once you have the basics down, there are individual videos that demonstrate each technique you’ll be learning and then a plug and play video that guides you through how to give them.

You do that for each of the 4 sections of the massage and once you complete each part for the back, the neck & shoulders, legs and feet, there is the final video that takes you through the entire massage.

The book and the videos show you how to do these techniques on a bed or on a mat on the ground.

In This 28-Part Video Series You Will:

Create Greater Health

Use your whole body in amazing new ways that makes giving a pleasure while you lovingly work out pain, tension, knots, stagnant energy & stress for your clients and partners.

Tap into Real Love

Learn and embody the unconditional love that you are and give a transformative massage from that place.

Step Into Creativity

Giving this massage is playful, it is fun, it is accessing your child-like spirit, the joy of life expressing itself through you. The more you give, the more inspiration you’ll get on making this massage your own. And that has a huge impact throughout your life.

Connect on a Whole New Level

Supportive, attentive communication is one of the bedrocks that this course is built on. It will help you move beyond old patterns, old thought forms, old baggage.

Deepen Your Purpose

Seeing all you are capable of in this world of giving is empowering, inspiring work that will help you to know that you have an amazing role to play in bringing more love and healing to your clients, the people you love and to the world.

Release Fear

If your old story is that you’re not good at giving massage, prepare to see that melt away as you discover your new birthright. This is massage in a whole new way that comes from love and uses your body wisely.

This course offers a totally new way of deepening love, connection, health and healing in your life. It will help you tap into talents that you may not know you have. It truly is a gift for life now, for you, your clients and loved ones and is one you can give for the rest of your life.

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Series Description

In week one you’ll learn the foundations for giving an out-of-this world mutually amazing massage. You’ll then learn the side-body techniques to massage the back, neck, shoulders and legs

With your partner lying face down, you’ll learn to give a complete massage for the back, shoulders, legs and feet

This module brings in stretches to the legs, which also have a hugely positive impact on the lower back, sacrum and hips.

The final part of the course might be the sweetest of them all as you give the most nurturing, caring and loving of massages for the neck, shoulders and head.

$149 For Lifetime Streaming Access