Thai Massage Back Twist & Hip Opener

Hip Opener

Experience sweet relief for lower back pain and stiff hips!! This Thai Massage back twist & hip opening video shows you a universal way to help release low back pain and chronic stiffness. It can be done on a mat, a carpet, a bed or a table and is considered a universal stretch because this Thai Massage back twist & hip opening move can be done on people of all ages and various degrees of stiffness or lower back pain. The key to making it adaptable is going slow, easing in when you want to increase the depth and pressure and have pillows nearby to support your partners legs and lower back. Yoga teachers! This back twist and hip opener is also great for hands-on adjustments in a yoga class. Click here to watch on YouTube  

    RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: If you are a studio, spa, or association and would like to offer these courses in Thai Yoga Massage or Table Thai Massage please contact us here: Shai’s book The Joy of Giving Massage which dives deep into the benefits of giving massage can be purchased here: Study with Shai and his team of teachers in person: Click here for Table Thai Yoga Massage for the Back, Hips, Legs: Click here for Table Thai Yoga Massage for Hips, Legs Lower Back- Fun & Effective!!: Click here for Table Thai Yoga Massage Stretches for Lower Back, Hips & Back of Legs: Click here for Secrets to Giving a Phenomenal Table Thai Back Massage for Beginners: Click here to watch the secrets to giving a great massage: Watch more Thai massage techniques explained in either of these two playlists! Thai Massage Techniques: Thai Foot & Table Thai Techniques: SAY HI ON SOCIAL: Facebook: Instagram: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Life-Changing Impact of Thai Yoga Massage & Meet Teacher Shai Plonski” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


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