Thai Foot Reflexology

Dates: June 18-23, 2017 Teacher: Shai Plonski Location: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY Click here to register! Thai Foot Reflexology Who doesn’t love a good foot massage? In this workshop students will learn to give an hour long session on the feet alone that will pamper, renew and restore the feet and the whole body. This course introduces techniques that utilize both dry and wet massage (with and without oil) as well as a Thai foot stick, to glide the lines and press the points with greater accuracy and precision than the hands alone could provide. The style we will be exploring is a method derived from Shivaga Komarpaj of the Chiang Mai school of Thai Massage, and is for everyone, therapists and lay people alike. This is a powerful healing tool that can be implemented on it’s own, or as an addition to the full body massage. Experience with graduating students has shown that this is an invaluable service to offer to existing clients to keep them coming back for more and as a means for finding and retaining new clients. This is also a great course for new learners including couples or people who want to share an amazing massage with friends and family In this course students learn: • A complete 60 minute Thai Foot massage; • An additional 30 minute Thai Massage for the rest of the body; • Protocols for preparing the feet for massage; • How to apply oils to the feet; • How to use a Thai reflexology stick; No prior massage experience is necessary to be educated in this methodology and couples are welcome to attend.


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