Thai 101

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Prerequisites: None. This level 1 course teaches the fundamentals of quality touch using a full-body, 90-minute traditional Thai massage flow. Students learn all basic techniques required for more advanced study as well as the basic marketing skills required to solicit and retain clients. Thai 101 focuses on:

  • The four foundations of Thai massage (meditation, body mechanics, rhythmic rocking, and massage techniques using the hands, forearms, elbows, and feet);
  • Unlocking the secrets of universal touch techniques, including: how to massage from light to deep pressure; how to safely and effectively stretch flexible and inflexible clients; and how to safely massage and carry the weight of light and heavy clients;
  • Techniques to work the shoulders, neck, head, back, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and feet;
  • Effortless transitions between postures and an introduction to contraindications and safety;
  • Essential client and therapist care techniques for before, during, and after the massage; and
  • Building client relationships—the key to a successful business.

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