Gold Bundle – Metta Massage Mat, 2 Bolsters, Pillow, Floor Chair & Bag


Save $36 with the Gold Level Bundle!

The Silver Bundle includes:

– 1 Main Metta Massage Mat
– 2 Side Mats
– 2 Thai Massage Bolsters
– 1 Massage Pillow
– 1 Floor Chair
– 1 Carrying Bag
– 3 Carrying Straps




The Metta Massage Mat & 2 Side Mats:

At only 8 LBS (including the 2 side mats!), it’s the lightest, most supportive Thai Massage & Shiatsu mattress you’ve ever used- guaranteed.


Made with an ultra-light foam core that is easy on your knees and comfortable for both clients and practitioners no matter what stretch or massage technique you use.
The 2 side mats extend the length of your mat up to 104 inches long or 64 inches wide to ensure that no matter the size of your client, you are both comfortable and supported.
Rich, dark blue thick cotton cover that is beautiful and professional and will keep on looking new for years
3 carrying straps make the mat easy to roll, store and carry

Thai Massage Bolsters – Set of 2

These amazing props will keep your client’s neck, head, and shoulders in perfect comfort when lying face down. It also has many more uses as a massage prop for your comfort and to help provide optimal body mechanics.

Some ways you can use the bolsters:

  • As a face cradle for your client
  • As height support under your knee when working on taller clients
  • They are also the perfect prop to sit on when massaging the hands, the face and the back
  • As a meditation cushion

Thai Massage Pillow:

This pillow fills multiple roles when giving a supported and comfortable massage.

  • Place it under the leg for client comfort and your own easier access to massage the energy lines.
  • Fold it in half and use as a head pillow in side postures and it will ensure optimal alignment of your client’s spine no matter their size.
  • It is also the ideal pillow between client and practitioner in seated sequence to provide comfort and maintain professional boundaries

Carrying Bag:

This black carrying bag is the perfect compliment for your Metta Massage Mat. Made from sturdy nylon it is large enough to fit your mat, two bolsters a massage pillow and more!
Just what you need to keep all your items like new and to transport everything when on the go meeting clients.


Floor Chair:

The floor chair is an amazing addition for ultimate comfort and support.

  • You can use it to keep clients partially reclined. Ideal when working on pregnant clients and those who are stiff or less mobile.
  • There are many clients who simply won’t be comfortable lying flat on their back. The floor chair in combination with a long pillow and a bolster is the best way to keep them supported.
  • For clients who can lie flat, you can also invert the chair and prop up their legs at the end of the massage when focusing on the abdomen, arms, hands and head.
  • Also makes for a perfect chair for those who like to sit on the floor.

Our 100% No Risk, Money Back Double Guarantee!!


  • We will guarantee the mat will remain supportive and comfortable for your body, your knees and your clients for a lifetime or we’ll exchange it!
  • The mat also comes with a 21 day no-risk, money-back guarantee. Test the mat out for 21 days and use it as many times as you like. If you’re not happy for any reason then return it in the same condition you purchased it and we’ll refund your money (minus any shipping costs)–no questions asked


We are committed to providing you with the lowest shipping rates possible. As such we calculate the shipping charge using a calculator provided by our shipping partner with the discounted rates they provide us. If you have questions about the shipping charge, please contact us and we will verify that this is indeed the lowest rate possible.


Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 48 × 38 × 111 cm


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