New to Yoga? Check out this Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Yoga!

yoga for beginners

The holiday season heading into the new years is such a great time to start or further immerse oneself into healthy practices. If you’re thinking of adding yoga to your life, then read on!

Jo Thomas has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 20 years. She’s put together a comprehensive guide to yoga for beginners. But I will say, that as someone who’s also been practicing for 20 years, I also found it engaging and informative.

I think she’s done a great job laying out what yoga is about, and who benefits. There is the spiritual aspects as well as the health considerations as well.

She points out how yoga helps reduce inflammation, diminish migraines and chronic pain, provide heart health, support stress management and anxiety relief and a lot more.

All told it’s an amazing 8000-word guide and I think it’ll be worth your while to give it a read and hopefully help jump start your practice!


Click here to read the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Yoga…


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