General Ayurveda: Intro to Ayurvedic Worldview and Practice

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Dates: May 21, 2013. Teacher: Matthew Remski Location: Still Light Centre A practical and student-driven exploration of the basics of Ayurveda to support daily life and practice. Each 3-hour workshop will begin with a 90-minute presentation on a specific topic, followed by 90 minutes of workshopping of whatever health and wellness concerns you bring and are comfortable in sharing. Ayurveda is an active and exploratory therapy — we can learn a lot about our own health and well-being through the consideration of the challenges of others. Intro to Ayurvedic Worldview and Practice   Yoga has its own medicine — Ayurveda  — which seeks to illuminate our ecology, and to harmonize with it. This presentation will be a primer in the essentials of Ayurvedic holism, foundational energies (elements), modes (gunas), and bodily flows (doshas). The language of Ayurveda connects desires to the tissues, digestion to will, fertility to joy, and the body to the seasons. Together, we’ll explore basic intuition techniques, simple assessment tools for exploring constitution of self and other, and workshop whatever questions about personal health and balance arise from our discussion. A good preparation for labs that follow.


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