Finding Your Ideal Thai Yoga Massage Clients- Massage Marketing Ideas

Shai Plonski

In this video I share how to attract and find your ideal clients. Business and marketing do not have to be dirty words if you can embrace your role to share what you love and be authentic doing it. Your role is to educate and be yourself as best as you can be. At the same time, finding your ideal clients includes becoming very clear about who your ideal massage client is. There are three questions I want you to ask: 1) Who is your ideal client? 2) Is there a need? 3) Is there a large enough group of them to have as many massage clients as you want? Specializing is very important and helps you to attract great clients. Some examples of how to specialize include pregnant women, elderly clients, athletes, dancers, business people, yoga therapy etc. From here, get even more specific and think of that client as a real person and how you will talk to that person. That includes learning the language, their needs, their wants and how you will help them. Everything you publish, including your website, posters, social media posts, should then be written as if you are talking to them and they will feel like you are talking directly to them. Your massage marketing tasks are to : 1- Identify your ideal client. Maybe it’s someone who’s already your client, or friend. On the other hand, maybe it’s someone you need to connect with 2- Interview those clients and take notes. Listen to how they talk and what they are talking about their likes/dislikes/needs/pains and write down what they say. Learn about them as well as you can and then speak those words going forward. 3- Answer the question ‘What is Thai Yoga Massage’ as though you’re talking to your ideal client and start building your communication messages so that you are talking to your ideal client. 4- Reach out to leaders and influential people who are connected to your ideal clients. That could be with a free massage, a meeting etc. so they know you are here to help both yours and their ideal clients. This video is the second of an ongoing series on how to build a thriving massage business that supports your passions in healthy, vibrant and balanced ways. Click here for the full playlist:–q-4m1tvnx-8iF   To study with Shai and Still Light Centre, check out our calendar: Please like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel and let us know if you have any questions and how we can help you in the comments box below the video!


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