Fascia and Thai Massage

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Dates: May 2 & 3, 2015 Time: Saturday & Sunday 10:00am – 7:00pm Teacher: Emily Delea Location: Still Light Centre Prerequisite: Thai 101 or an equivalent The human body functions a lot like a string puppet. A knot in a string puppet changes how it moves. Our bodies are not much different. A left ankle sprain from ten years ago can cause a lot of trouble in the right shoulder. The compensation patterns from an uncomfortable right shoulder can cause the cervical spine to alter its alignment. Lo and behold headaches can now be a regular part of one’s life all because you turned your ankle while playing an easy game of soccer ten years prior. None of this seems fair. Thank goodness we now have a better understanding of fascia and fascial adhesions. Fascial thickening or adhesions occurs in the body for many reasons. Injury, poor body mechanics, surgery, repetitive strain, and aging all cause the fascia to become thicker and less fluid. Learning how to identify the fascial lines (puppet strings) and how they effect the body’s alignment enables body workers to unwind the body and reduce fascial adhesions. Thai massage is a fantastic modality that has as a direct impact on the fascia. Designing a treatment based not only on a client’s dosha but also on how their body is aligned will add a new, complementary layer to your practice and make those treatments even more effective.

    Course objectives

  • Introduction of fascial lines
  • Increased ability to see misalignments in the body
  • Learn how to design a treatment/treatment series for common restrictions
  • Learn what exercises/stretches to give as homework

About Emily Emily Delea wants to help people change their lives. Her clients include athletes, accident victims, and octogenarians. She is successful because she adapts her treatments to her client’s individual needs while respecting the foundations of the modalities she employs. In 2005 Emily was introduced to fascia after working as a trainer and yoga teacher for six years. It was a paradigm shift. She studied at the Stretch to Win institute in Arizona and was the first Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapist in Ontario. Currently, she is studying Thai Massage at the Still Light Centre and Thomas Myers’ Kinesis Myofascial Integration, while maintaining her full-time professional practice.



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