Alleviate Back Pain With One Great Thai Massage Move

Back Massage

Prayer Pose -or forward bend- is the answer to the trivia question (99.7% of the time), ‘Shai if you could receive just one move what would it be’? When you put someone in a forward bend with a customized massage it is a total all in one move that stretches the back, the hips, the legs and neck. And at the same time you get a great back and shoulder massage that gets rid of all kinds of deep rooted tension. It’s amazingly effective in helping alleviate lower back pain, tightness in the sacrum area and all the pain in the shoulders that come from sitting at a computer all day. What can I say? This is one sweet move! When learning and giving it the biggest tip I can give is to have a lot of pillows nearby. Ideally ones of different size and thickness to help make your partner comfortable. With that on hand you can put pretty much anyone on the flexibility-stiffness scale into this pose. Leave your comments below and let me know how it goes! Click here to watch on YouTube  



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