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Loving touch through Thai Massage can do some amazing good for the quality of your relationship and love life. It can help you open your heart and open your body to your partner, to healing, to yourself and all that you’re capable of. It will give you the confidence and skills to give your partner an amazing massage for the neck, shoulders, back, feet and legs. You’ll be able to help them let go of loads of stress, pain and tension, making way for relaxation, love and romance to enter.

Such is the power of meditative, loving, compassionate touch!


Couples Thai Massage: Your Guide to Sharing Mutually Incredible Loving Touch teaches you and your partner how to give a heavenly 60-minute massage.

Picture it, a Friday night has arrived and you’re looking to do something incredible with your partner. A way that will show them how much you love and appreciate them. A way to help relax them after a long day and a long week. A way that can open the door to romance, connection and a memorable night.

You put your forearm on the back of their shoulder and you hear the ooohs and ahhhs start to come from their lips. They put their hand on your body in gratitude.

All the while you are seated alongside their back, effortlessly finding spot after spot bringing a mix of pleasure and relief.

You feel so good and relaxed in your body as you help them to feel so good.

Your heart fills and so does theirs on your way to a memorable night…

Couples Thai Massage is both a therapeutic experience and a way to express deep-seated love while encouraging a pathway to romance.

As relaxing, nurturing and healing as the massage is for the person on the receiving end, it is all of that and more for the person giving.

You’ll master deeply effective techniques to massage the back, shoulders, neck, legs, head and feet that are also easy on your body.

They are a pleasure to give and because they are built on a bedrock of mindfulness, care and compassion for both of you.

You and your partner can create date nights where you give each other 1-hour massages. At the same time, the massage is also designed for mini-sessions where you give targeted massages that get out the knots and relieve stress in 15 minutes or less.

Shai’s patented teaching and writing style will take you step-by-step through every aspect of giving this massage so that you are supported every step of the way.

For both new and experienced people, each technique focuses on using optimal body mechanics and in-depth descriptions on how to deliver the techniques.

You’ll learn variations of each technique that address a multitude of issues and differences in bodies in order to create an experience of the highest quality.

You will learn ways to customize the massage for your comfort and all the of the techniques are designed to be shared on a bed or on a mat.

This book shows you the way in the language of massage and love. Making this massage a part of your lives has the potential to transform your relationship, to improve your communication skills, to spark greater passion between you and your partner, all while adding skills that support you both for life.

Our students use this massage not only for romance, but also to help their partners recover from injuries and heal the daily stresses of life.

Before too long the massage you learn here will become an indispensable part of a vibrant relationship while helping you to take outstanding care of yourself.

Shai Plonski has taught Thai Massage to more than 10,000 people on three continents in a career that is in now in its third decade. Shai is a leader in the field of Thai Massage, the founder of the Still Light Center School of Thai Massage and a four-time Amazon best-selling author, including this book, “Couplese Thai Massage”

Shai loves educating people on how giving Thai Massage is a life-changer while sharing how accessible it is to get started massaging at a very high level quickly and effectively.

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