Thai Massage Made Simple

This introduction to Thai Massage, based on Shai’s Amazon best-seller “The Joy of Giving Massage” will have you falling in love with this massage. That is, as an exchange which empowers your health, purpose & sense of connection while you help others to feel amazing.

Find a partner and in one afternoon learn how to give an amazing 25-minute massage for the back, shoulders, legs, and feet.

When we say step-by-step instruction, we mean it. You’ll get 10 videos and Shai’s experience of teaching over 5000 students in a near-20-year career walking you through this every step of the way.

It’s like being brought into the classroom, with the added bonus that you get to learn from the comfort of your own home, at your pace, in your time.

Watch Shai’s Introduction To The Joy Of Giving Massage Below:

How do we do it? How do we bring the classroom experience to your home? By creating a system of learning and learning tools that are detailed, supportive, easy-to-follow and intuitive .

The course starts by building your foundation on the secrets to giving an incredible massage that is as good for you as it is for your partners. There are 4 pillars to giving an out-of-this world massage and they are easy to learn and integrate.
Once you have the basics down, you’ll watch a demonstration video of the massage that shows you each technique. From there, you and your partner practice along with the guided instruction of what you just watched.

This layered approach to learning means that you are constantly refining, improving, reinforcing everything you learn, every step of the way.

Learning becomes a journey as amazing as a trip to your favorite ocean hike, and once you reach your destination, you’ll be in heaven, amazed by the beauty of it all and how far you’ve come.

In This 10-Part Video Series You Will:

Tap into Real Love

Learn and embody the unconditional love that you are and give a transformative massage from that place.

Create Greater Health

Use your whole body in amazing new ways that make giving a pleasure while you lovingly work out pain, tension, knots, stagnant energy & stress for your partner.

Connect on a Whole New Level

Supportive, attentive communication is one of the bedrocks that this course is built on. You are each other’s teachers and that will bring you to a place of great partnership with each other. It will help you move beyond old patterns, old thought forms, old baggage.

Deepen Your Purpose

Seeing all you are capable of in this world of giving is empowering, inspiring work that will help you to know that you have an amazing role to play in bringing more love and healing to the people you love and to the world.

Release Fear

If your old story is that you’re not good at giving massage, prepare to see that melt away as you discover your new birthright. This is massage in a whole new way that comes from love and uses your body wisely

Step Into Creativity

Giving this massage is playful, it is fun, it is accessing your child-like spirit, the joy of life expressing itself through you. The more you give, the more inspiration you’ll get on making this massage your own. And that has a huge impact throughout your life

This course offers a totally new way of deepening love, connection, health and healing in your life. It will help you tap into talents that you may not know you have. It truly is a gift for life now, for you, your clients and loved ones and is one you can give for the rest of your life.

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Series Description

In part 1 one you’ll learn the foundations for giving an out-of-this world mutually amazing massage. That includes a guided mediation to help get you into your body, the ways to use your body wisely and the secrets to giving an outstanding massage.

You’ll be taken by the hand as we demonstrate all of the techniques for the back, shoulders, legs and foot massage. This is a massage that relaxes, stretches and melts away tension.

There is something to be said for pacing a massage the first time you give it versus once you’ve practiced. This video goes at that ideal pace and with first time students so you can take your time figuring out every move

Press play and bring both you and your partner to experiences of bliss, joy and healing as you give the massage from a place of strength, wisdom, caring and love.

$49 For Lifetime Streaming Access