Thai Yoga 201

Dates: August 13-16, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday) Time: 10:00am – 7:00pm (Daily) Teacher: Shai Plonski (and his super-duper sidekick assistant Karen Kenney) Location: Yoga From The Heart , Laconia, New Hampshire To register and make a payment by credit card please call 647-348-8830 or email Personal checks are also accepted as methods of payment. Please make it out to ‘Still Light’ and mail to 50 Winnett Ave. Toronto Ontario M6C 3L3 Prerequisites: Thai 101. This course adds 60 minutes of new massage techniques, reinforces all Thai 101 material, and introduces students to the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system and sister science to yoga. Thai 2 bridges Thai massage with its historical roots in Ayurveda teaching students practical, hands-on methods for applying Ayurvedic wisdom to deepen the therapeutic quality of their practice. As students learn the fundamentals of Ayurvedic principles and the three mind-body constitutions (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), they will apply these concepts to craft highly customized massages that address physical needs, enhance client relationships, and create a customized, holistic massage experience. Learning how to massage with ones knees at this early point in the training will help to reduce injuries and reliance on ones hands and thumbs and facilitate deep pressure massage. Thai 201 focuses on:

  • Reinforcing and deepening the application of Thai 101 postures;
  • Adding 60 minutes of new techniques to treat areas of greater need such as the shoulders, neck, back, and hamstrings;
  • Using the knees as a new touch technique and massage tool;
  • Understanding the fundamental concepts of Ayurvedic history, philosophy, and healing;
  • Determining a client’s Ayurvedic constitution;
  • Using the knees as a new touch technique and massage tool; and
  • Building client relationships—the key to a successful business.


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