Why Thai Massage Rocks!

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book: ‘The Missing Link: How to Give Massage for Personal Health, Deeper Relationships & Spiritual Growth

Giving Thai massage as compassionate touch is about as great a way as any to fine tune your awareness. It’s a wonderful way to help shift from the head to the heart. It helps bring to life all of the benefits of your personal practice. Compassionate touch helps you to share the best of yourself with another person. It aids in transcending ‘otherness’ and that vail that says there’s a separation between you and I. Instead it shows you what life is like to merge, to become larger than the sum of our parts. To be moved by giving, by Spirit, by another person and the wonder of it all. Giving massage from a place of comfort and caring is the antithesis of stress and the patterns that might have caused so many of those issues to begin with. Compassionate touch has also been a way to show I care when I cannot find the words. That can be especially true when massaging family members. Sometimes it might be massaging someone I’m angry with or who are frustrated with me, or with whom I feel blocked in knowing what to say in difficult or tender moments. This kind of touch gives me a whole other way to relate and very often that can spark the creativity and the words needed to mend fences, and get closer and become more appreciative of one another. Giving compassionate touch is a way to help someone you care about while also helping yourself. And that helping yourself is not just lip service, massage helps you on just about every level. You get physically stronger from giving, you get more confident in your abilities from helping another, you improve your ability to communicate, you explore non-sexual intimacy and break down barriers of fear and get more comfortable in your body, with your body, and with another person’s body. You share spaces of reverence with your partner, with yourself and with Spirit. Those moments of stillness and touch will be alive with life and the knowledge that you are part of something more. When you give compassionate touch in this way, you get to experience the right brain so bright and so clear. You become aware of what it means to be connected and how meaningful it is. And as you continue to give massage regularly, especially with the same person over an extended period of time all of these benefits increase exponentially. You are not the same person as when you started, you blossom.

  I am just putting the finishing touches on my latest book and aim to release it on Amazon in July 2017. This is a personal book that shares why giving massage is such a radically powerful way to transform your health, help your relationships with loved ones and deepen your connection to Spirit. It also teaches a sweet flow that includes the secrets to giving an incredible massage. And it’s something you can learn in one afternoon at home. If you want to be among the first to know when the book is available please click here!    


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