Table Thai Yoga Massage Stretches for Lower Back, Hips & Back of Legs

Back of Leg Massage

3 sweet stretches for the lower back, hips, quads and back of legs that you can do on a massage table, bed, carpet or even a couch! The legs are the unsung heroes of the body, the work horses that rarely complain, but when you do a few great things to relieve tension and relax that area of the body, boy are they are ever happy! And they’ll tell you thank you by relieving tension in your lower back, your hips, even your shoulders, neck and arms. That’s because everything is connected… you get a real sense of that by practicing these three moves. Try them out and please leave your questions and comments below! This is part six of a series that will share techniques for Table Thai Massage for the whole body! Click here to watch on YouTube!

RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: If you are a studio, spa, or association and would like to offer these courses please contact us here: To purchase Thai sticks from, here are some options: 3 pack: 10 pack: 6 piece variety pack: Click here for part one, Table Thai Massage for Neck, Shoulders, Arms & Legs: Click here for part two, Table Thai Yoga Massage for the Back, Hips, Legs: Click here for part three, Table Thai Yoga Massage for Hips, Legs Lower Back- Fun & Effective!!: Click here for part four, Table Thai Foot Massage with Stick: Click here for part five, Table Thai Foot Massage with Forearms and Elbow: Click here to watch the secrets to giving a great massage: Watch more Thai massage techniques explained in either of these two playlists! Thai Massage Techniques: Thai Foot & Table Thai Techniques: Shai’s book Compassionate Touch which dives deep into the benefits of giving massage can be purchased here: Study with Shai and his team of teachers in person: SAY HI ON SOCIAL: Facebook: Instagram:


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