Review of Joy of Giving Massage by Shama Kern

Founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

Feeling humbled and so appreciative… I sent Shama Kern, the founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy an advance copy of my upcoming book, ‘The Joy of Giving Massage’ for him to review… The book will be released December 13th and is available here for advanced purchase:

Here’s what he had to share… 

“When I started to read Shai’s book, I was first skeptical, thinking ‘Oh, here is another book full of Thai Massage techniques’. But it took me only minutes to recognize that this book is totally different. It’s not just about techniques.

There is no dogma, no rules, no fixed sequences of techniques. Instead it goes right to the core and the heart of not only Thai Massage, but healing arts in general. It’s about intuitive and loving healing, about enjoying bodywork as a unique method to connect with other human beings. It’s about giving to others as well as to yourself.

This is so refreshingly different from mechanical Thai Massage sequences, dry philosophy and history, and traditional rules and restraints.

The book is also deeply personal. You get to know and understand the author not just as an authority on Thai Massage, but as a person who bares his soul without trying to hide behind any facade.

Shai shows how Thai Massage is not just something that he does to earn a living, but how it has molded him into who he is, and how it has contributed to his inner growth. This book is as much about personal development as it is about the art of Thai Massage. Shai makes the point that these two are not separate elements, but that Thai Massage is – or can be – a path to personal growth.

When it comes to learning Thai Massage, Shai presents the techniques as just one element in a holistic body-mind-spirit learning system. This is where most schools fall short by presenting Thai Massage as nothing more than a sequence of techniques, while losing the essence, the heart and soul of it in the process.

The book explains how to take the Thai Massage techniques to a higher level, to an art form, by working WITH a client instead of just ON a client, by using awareness, sensitivity, intuition, and good communication.

I have read many Thai Massage books in my 20-year career of practicing and teaching Thai Massage. If I were to pick one that accurately presents the essence of Thai Massage, then Shai’s book gets 5 stars and my vote for sure.”

~Shama Kern, Founder Thai Healing Massage Academy


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