Biofield Balance Bracelet

Increase Balance, Strength and Mental Clarity & Neutralize harmful EMFs from Cell Phones

Have you seen the necklaces that the baseball players wear? Like the bracelet – it has titanium and germanium embedded into the rubber. These are two elements on the periodic chart with unique micro vibrational frequencies. When near the skin they set up a tuning fork linking frequency within the water system in the whole body. The effect is amazing and can be viewed under a microscope as seen where the blood cells can be seen as more healthy and flowing separately.

Neutralizes harmful EMF waves from cell phones computers and power lines.

Medically proven with bio-meridian machine, electron microscope viewing blood flow and thermography.

All Bracelets are imprinted with the vibrational signature of the Sanskrit OM symbol.

The clasp is magnetic and adds to the germanium/titanium effect. It can be worn in the water. It is more effective the more its worn. The biggest benefit of the BioField Bracelet is its ability to increase strength and balance – a very helpful aid for older people who lose their balance.

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Please see “how to do” the balance and strength tests for immediate demo.


Extra Large 8.5", Large 8.25", Meduim 7.75" (fits most), Small 6.25" (for kids), Small 7"


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