Additional Side Mats for the Metta Massage Mat


Customize your Metta Massage Mat with additional side mats! The Metta Massage Mat already comes with 2 of these mats that extend either the width or length of your massage surface up to 104 inches long and 64 inches wide.

If you would prefer to extend the width and length of the mat to so you never have to move the side mats around then you’ll need to get 4 more. That will make the mat 104 inches long and 64 inches wide all around!

Each side mat weighs less than 1 pound so in total your mat will still weigh less than 12 pounds when transporting it


Specification of the Additional Side Mats

  • Each side mat measures 40 X 12X 1
  • Ultra-light foam core
  • Comes in a rich dark blue color, organic hand-dyed cotton cover
  • Made in Canada

Saving $20 when you buy four


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 31 × 103 cm


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