How to Give Your Partner a Perfect Massage- Even During Times of Social Distancing

Are you looking to give your partner or family member a melt in your arms, holy cow that was amazing massage?

Do you have concerns on how to give a good massage to people you love when you’re practicing social distancing? Then read on for all kinds of tips and suggestions including how to massage shoulders, some romantic massage ideas, basic massage techniques and a whole lot more.

Massage Helps to Heal, Release Stress and Bring You Closer Together

These days, practicing social distancing is on everyone’s minds and that has us more starved than ever for touch and meaningful connections.

Zoom, WhatsApp and similar platforms have helped to fill that gap as virtual meetings, hangouts and playdates become the new norm.

But there’s still no substitute for good old-fashioned in person connection.

There’s a flip side to that though, which is if you’ve been at home with the same people for days and even weeks on end already, what do you do if you’re tired of them or they are getting on your nerves?

How do you transcend that, how do you deepen? How do you get back to seeing that person as the most amazing person that they are?

Massage! Loving compassionate touch has always had within it the power to break boundaries, to bridge gaps where words can’t go, to heal on levels well beyond the physical.

It is a moving meditation and where it moves you is past your fears, your hang-ups, your old patterns, your baggage, your pain.

Where it moves your partner is beyond stress and aches and their hang-ups that you don’t show how much you care.

Where massaging each other brings you is together towards greater health, in a way that excites, that shouts love, that opens you both up to pleasure that leaves everyone begging for more.

Some Social Distancing Massage Precautions to take

The people you live with are your unit. You’re likely already in close contact with them throughout the day. At the same time here are some extra hygienic considerations you might want to adopt for greater peace of mind including:

  • Washing your hands before starting (always and forever!)
  • Massaging right after you’ve both showered
  • Putting on a fresh set of clothes
  • Wearing a mask
  • Avoid massaging near the face

How to Get Started Giving Him/Her a Massage at Home

A high-quality massage, even a romantic massage needs to built on a foundation where it is as good to give as it is to receive. Treat your massage as a moving meditation that moves from a foundation of the energy of unconditional love. It is not some energy that is floating in the air. It is the building blocks of every fiber of your being and the kind of thing you’re already an expert in.

So first up is tapping into that universal, high vibrational energy that is such an essential part of you and taking that time to connect with your partner. If you already have a meditation practice, then great. Take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to meditate together. Otherwise try this meditation from my YouTube channel and practice a meditation together.

The Secret: How to Give a Good Massage

The heart of everything I teach and how to give each other that incredible massage can be summed up in 2 principles. If you practice these two things at all times, then you can never go wrong giving a massage, instead even giving basic massage techniques will have you feeling like an expert in no time.  

The first principle is, “how slow can you go how high can you fly?”

That means, the more you ease in and take your time with what you’re doing and massaging, the better it will be.

In fact, that is one of the great personal benefits of massaging in this way. It is asking us to slow down and go at a pace that is the opposite of how we usually operate. Slowing down helps you to breathe more fully, to appreciate and notice things that would otherwise pass you by, to make room for greater health, more love and less stress in your life.

One way to put that principle into practice is whatever amount of pressure you think they want as their ideal, start with much lighter pressure and gradually work your up to their limit.

And that brings us to our second principle, “the key to any great relationship is communication”

Putting these two principles together means you would gradually apply pressure or stretch your partner to their comfortable edge. And before you reach that edge, check in to see how it’s feeling and if they’d like a little more.

Now, if you want to take that skill to the next level, and have the same kind of transcendent experience I talked about earlier, you’ll also encourage your partner to tell you how they are feeling. This way the channels of communication become a flowing two-way street and you are both massaging in a way where you are each other’s partners and teachers.

For more details on this subject, check out this video I posted on the Secrets to Giving an Outstanding Massage along with the four pillars of the practice. This will all help you to give that high-quality experience in a way that takes care of your body at the same time.

What to Massage? How to Massage? Basic Massage Techniques

Of course, many books and many blog posts and videos can -and have been- made on this subject. And I’ve got great resources to help you which I’ll post down below.

My best advice here in getting started is to check in with your partner to find out what’s happening with their body.

You’ll also want to know how much time you have.

For example, if your partner has back issues and you only have 10 minutes, you’ll probably want to jump right into giving a kickass back massage.

But if you have 30 minutes, then you can make a more complete and holistic experience. Back issues for example are often connected to tight shoulders and neck as well as hamstrings and hips. As a result, it will be great to include a few minutes for those parts of the body as well.

Giving massage in a way that feels great means using your whole body with every touch. You accomplish that by putting yourself in a comfortable position where you can rock into what you’re doing.

A great reminder is, “rock first, touch second”.

That means you notice a rocking motion in your body, either in a forward, side or circular motion and then you engage in some kind of touch or stretch.

It helps to guarantee that every move comes from your core, your center, and your hands or whatever body part you’re using to massage is supported and working as efficiently and minimally as possible.

Some Romantic Massage Ideas

Giving a nurturing, loving massage can help spark romance. Personally, I think the way massage helps to support love, love making, romance between you and your partner is not created by any fancy tricks. It comes from being present.

We all want to be noticed, to be held, to be seen as a person full of love.  

If you want to open up to your partner and have them open up to you some keys to keep in mind include:

  • Take your time massaging your partner in the places they really need it.
    • The massage should not feel like a race, it should feel like you are a detective here to bring love and root out any pain or discomfort in the body. So when you find those places that illicit ooos and ahhhs, slow down even more and take your time.
  • Use oils or shea butter
    • You can soften your touch and the skin and make the feeling of touch more pleasurable for both of you with a little bit of oil or shea butter on the areas of focus. That is especially true when massaging the neck, shoulders, back and feet.
    • Keep in mind that a little goes a long way and taking time to rub the oil into the skin will already feel amazing when you take your time with it
  • Sealed with a kiss
    • Kiss, hug, linger, get creative with how you want to show your affection

Links to Shoulder Massage, Neck Massage, Back Massage and More

Here are some great free resources that I’ve got up on YouTube that you can use right now to start massaging your partner -and you- into heaven!

Taking it to the Next Level

Taking your massage experience to the next level comes from learning together and learning new skills as you learn more about each other’s bodies. That comes from taking a course together and then making this a regular part of your life.

Compassionate Thai Massage is transformative. It can have dramatic impacts on your health, your relationships, your love life.

Giving this kind of massage weekly or multiple times a week will bring you into a place of such appreciation, love and transcendence with the people in your life and with yourself.

At a time when we are distancing with the world outside our walls, the opportunity to open up to a new dimension of connectedness, love and joy with yourself and those in your immediate circle has actually never been greater.  

To that end, we have built a library of online courses that you can get started with right now that take you by the hand until you are massaging at that dream level.

The cost is as little as $29/month FOR THE ENTIRE LIBRARY and there are courses there for couples, for families, for professionals, on a mat or on a table.

It’s our way of supporting you on your journey, using this time to rebuild our lives and our relationships in the best way possible and creating a community where we are all here to live our best lives possible.

You can get started by clicking here.

Meanwhile, wishing you amazing massages filled with pleasure, relief and deep connections!


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