Energy Healing with Thai Massage Teacher Robert Henderson (Part 2)

Robert Henderson

Thai Yoga Massage teacher Robert Henderson is ‘the energy guy’. In part two of our interview he gives a clear demonstration of how to work energy blockages out of the body. He shows the difference between Thai Massage as energy work and Thai Massage as bodywork. Robert shares in crystal clear ways how ones connection to a client energetically is so different from the techniques one would associate with Thai Massage when the focus is on the physical body. As such if helping someone deal with fear, pain, insecurity, anger, stubbornness or any other number of energy blockages in the body, the methods are all about following and releasing the energy. One need to do very few physical movements in order to help your clients release that energy. This is the second part in a series of applied teachings with Robert. Check back for future episodes! Click here to watch on YouTube

RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: To learn more about Robert’s teachings please visit This interview is part of a series of getting to know Thai Yoga Massage students and teachers to dive deeper into the heart of the practice and see how it’s helping people all around the world. Click here for part one of my interview with Robert Henderson: Click here for the full playlist: Shai’s book Compassionate Touch which dives deep into the benefits of giving massage can be purchased here: Study with Shai and his team of teachers in person: SAY HI ON SOCIAL: Facebook: Instagram:


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