The Discipline of Gratitude

I want to share with you this amazing teaching that one of my teachers recently shared with me called the discipline of gratitude

Hey everyone, I want to share with you this amazing teaching that one of my teachers recently shared with me. Please check out the video below and leave your comments. Just a thought, this is the kind of thing that would be great to share with people you care about so that you can do it together and compare notes and see what kind of impact it is having on you. Yes in this video I am asking you to spend at least a month on the discipline of gratitude, but truth is it is a practice such as yoga or tai chi. I know when I first started going to my yoga teacher I felt like it was pretty good. I enjoyed it, but I also didn’t really get that much out of it. But I figured I would stick it out for a little while. I remember after about a month or 6 weeks it got to the point that I said to myself that unless something dramatic changed then this would be my last class. Well sure enough, on that night it was like the dam burst and I felt my body and the benefits of that practice like never before. And that teacher? 18 years later he is still my teacher to this day and I thank my lucky stars I have him in my life. So I implore you to go on this journey with me and make this simple exercise a part of your life- first for at least a month, but then forever. You may forget about it at some points, but when you remember come back to it and then lets keep talking about it- in a year, or two or 15 and lets see the kind of impact this has made on us! Happy thanksgiving and much metta! Shai ——————- Like what you read and watched?? Please leave your comments below!! To watch on youtube please click here:



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